Category: Samsung Secret Codes

Here, in this article you will get to know Samsung Secret Codes for free. These Samsung mobile secret codes will help you to unlock hidden features of your Samsung smart phones.

Samsung Mobile Secret Codes & Hidden Codes are such hidden functionality that isn’t shown to normal users. While accessing Samsung Secret Codes you will get exposer to a wide range of hidden functionalities.

By Following These Codes You will Get Access of:

  • Samsung Original Check Code
  • Samsung Screen Test Code
  • Samsung Engineering Mode Code
  • Samsung Dialer Codes
  • Samsung Hidden Menu Codes
  • Samsung Call Divert Codes
  • And Many Other Samsung Secret Code List

Try these Samsung secret codes – 🗹 Screen Test Codes, 🗹 Call Divert Codes, 🗹 MMI Codes, 🗹 Hidden Menu Codes, 🗹 Engineering Mode Codes for Samsung mobile as per your need. From these hidden codes you can get device software information, test software & hardware, check your device IMEI no, and can take backup and reset your device anytime. And for any further queries, share your feedback in the comment box.

Below you will be able to find list of Samsung Secret Codes & Dialer Codes