Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.9.0 Download

In this article you will learn how to download Prusa MK3 Firmware free download without password. The downloaded firmware will be in a zip file.

In zip file you will find Prusa MK3 Firmware Firmware. Through which you can easily update your Prusa MK3 Firmware. If you want to know procedure updating Prusa MK3 Firmware, you can flash stock rom by following the detailed guideline in article given below.

Prusa MK3 Firmware Download

This is major release of Prusa MK3 Firmware. Please Update.

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.9.0

Stats: 409 commits, 108 pull requests, 66 closed issues, cooperation with 14 developers

  • Linear Advance 1.5
  • Automatic E-jerk conversion
  • Laser filament sensor sensitivity fix
  • Screen brightness adjustment
  • New G-code files sorting
  • Toggle and Translations
  • Show current Z offset in reset dialog before first layer calibration
  • Unknown Z coordinate displayed
  • Safer moves in Z-axis, if the position is unknown
  • Heating disabled during MBL
  • MINTEMP value lowered
  • MINTEMP error differentiated
  • Flickering “Statistics” screen fixed
  • Tone timer re-enabled
  • Nozzle crash protection improved
  • Belt test improvements
  • Decoupling XYZ relative and E relative

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.8.1

  • First layer calibration using multiple filament types (PLA, PET, ASA, ABS, HIPS, PP, FLEX)
  • Repeated First layer calibration settings added
  • Fan error on Octoprint bug fixed
  • New Live Adjust Z shortcut (Long press of the rotation knob – available only between 0-2 mm of print height)
  • Move Z shortcut adjustment – not possible during the print)
  • Translations corrections
  • Other bug fixes

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.8.0

  • Steel sheet profiles (more info about settings)
  • Nozzle diameter setup
  • Preliminary checks
  • Firmware onscreen notification
  • Revised sound warnings
  • Heatbed noise at 110 V (60 Hz)
  • Crash detection fixes
  • Addition of the ASA material

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.7.2

  • Protection against multiple power panics
  • Autonomous fan self-test
  • Incorrect firmware flashing protection
  • Min. temp safety trigger
  • Enforced fan check
  • Filament runout delay fix
  • Extruder position after fan error fix
  • Text format correction on Live adjust Z screen
  • Display target temperature at PID calibration screen

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.7.1

  • Rambo board overheating fix
  • Bed preheat error fix
  • SPI flash error is not blocking the printer anymore
  • IR-sensor self-test fail message added
  • Menu items text overflowing fix
  • Linearity correction not saved to EEPROM fix

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.7.0

  • 7×7 mesh bed levelling (set the density in Settings – Mesh bed leveling – Mesh)
  • The informative message during switching between normal and stealth modes
  • Improved behaviour when removing SD card
  • Autoload disabled in extruder info menu

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.6.0

  • Smarter load to nozzle/unload/eject function for multi material printers and single material version improved
  • Stop print during filament change fixed

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.5.3

  • Initial version

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.5.2

  • More quiet print fan operation
  • Heatbed regulation improved – reduced the PSU clicking noise
  • Improved heater temperature regulation
  • Spool join for multi-material prints
  • Smarter load/unload function
  • SD card menu is shown automatically when the card is inserted
  • Safer communication between MMU2 and printer
  • Crash detection for zero target temperature fixed

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.5.1

  • Patch release
  • Button click fix
  • M220 speed factor
  • Z-levelling fix
  • Pause print -> stop print fix

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.5.0

  • Faster filament loading
  • Pause print improved and Preheat error fix
  • Min. extrude temp. changed to 175 °C in all variants
  • Time remaining > 100 h screen fix
  • Improved Wizard for assembled printers
  • Filament change (M600): make space for opening idler
  • Bed power monitor
  • Standard G-codes for setting TMC currents
  • Crash detection -> stop print bug fixed
  • French language added
  • Other general improvements

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.4.1

  • Filament runout detection fixed
  • Stealth mode bug (indicated as slow Z-axis movements) fixed
  • Message “Filament sensor response is poor, disable it?” has been temporarily disabled – this feature tended to be too sensitive and unreliable. We are working on improved version of this feature.
  • Statistics during active print fixed
  • OctoPrint “Printer reset detected” warning issue fixed

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.4.0

  • Multi Material Upgrade 2.0 support
  • Filament sensor engine 2.0
  • Improved power panic
  • Adjustable beeper notifications
  • Feedrate and acceleration limits improved
  • PINDA state shown in menu
  • Time remaining fix

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.3.1

  • Filament statistics fix
  • Fixed bug of G28 (auto home) gcode which used to cause undesired execution of mesh bed leveling after temperature calibration and occasional communication timeouts
  • Load filament improvement (if current Z coordinate is lower than 20 mm when loading filament starts, the printer will increase Z-axis position to ensure, that there will always be enough space for cleaning the nozzle)
  • Setup function fix

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.3.0

  • Recurring crash detection limit
  • Crash detection and filament runout detection improvements and bugfixes (focused on Octoprint and USB printing)
  • Fixed erroneous movements during stop print
  • Supports multiple new languages (CZ, IT, DE, PL, ES) – It is necessary to use new Drivers & Apps v2.1.8 or higher to flash firmware with all language variants.
  • M86 gcode for safety timer
  • Temperature calibration improvements
  • Power panic fix
  • Supports remaining time estimation

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.2.1

  • Patch release (see 3.2.0 changelog for the complete list of new features)
  • Fixed Wizard and Live adjust Z
  • XYZ calibration status has been improved

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.2.0

  • Linear advance is back!
  • New xyz calibration
  • Filament sensor function improved
  • Safety timer
  • Gcodes for setting temperature correction
  • Extruder linearity correction
  • Stealth mode for Z axis
  • Z calibration / mesh bed leveling: stall guard
  • Temperature calibration improved

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.1.3

  • More friendly Selftest – sensitivity of axes checks were decreased
  • Fixed flow setting from LCD menu and flow rate fix – extrusion multiplier was always set to 100%

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.1.2

  • Low layer height (50um and 100um) printing is fixed
  • Precise homing implemented to remove slight layer shifts when rehoming after PowerPanic or crash. Self test will be re-run automatically to enable this
  • Improved FAN RPM sensing to reduce number of false alarms

Prusa MK3 Firmware V3.1.1

  • Filament sensor is more reliable – higher FPS set and when runout is triggered one additional check is done
  • Fail stats is split into last print and total menus. Crash detection is also split into X and Y axis
  • Fan error will not prevent from continuing the print when using OctoPrint
  • Print fan error or pause during rehoming will perform correctly now
  • Preheat temperatures updated
  • Temperature calibration now informs user about the conditions needed
  • Better serial communication
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