Prusa I3 MK2.5S Firmware Download

In this article you will learn how to download Prusa I3 MK3s Firmware free download without password. The downloaded firmware will be in a zip file.

In zip file you will find Prusa I3 MK2.5S Firmware. Through which you can easily update your Prusa I3 MK2.5S Firmware. If you want to know procedure updating Prusa I3 MK2.5S Firmware, you can follow the detailed guideline in article given below.

Prusa I3 MK2.5S Firmware Download 3.9.0

CHANGES IN 3.9.0: This is a major release, please, update!

  • Linear Advance 1.5
  • Automatic E-jerk conversion
  • New G-code files sorting
  • Show current Z offset in reset dialog before first layer calibration
  • Unknown Z coordinate displayed
  • Safer moves in Z-axis, if the position is unknown
  • Heating disabled during MBL
  • MINTEMP error differentiated
  • Flickering “Statistics” screen fixed
  • Tone timer re-enabled
  • Belt test improvements
  • Decoupling XYZ relative and E relative

 Download 3.9.0 (9MB)
Older versions


    • Enables Arduino IDE to upload the FW. If you can use our FirmwareUpdater and hex files.
    •  Download

Prusa I3 MK2.5S DRIVERS & APPS 2.3.0


  • New PrusaSlicer 2.2.0
  • Updated sample G-Codes for Original Prusa MINI
  • Updated Benchy G-Code for Original Prusa MK3/S


 Download 2.62 (9MB)


Reflects changes introduced in FW 3.9.0:
  • First layer calibration chapter updated
  • Linear Advance chapter updated
  • Display brightness chapter added
  • LCD menu structure updated
  • MINTEMP information updated
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If you are looking to download original Prusa I3 MK2.5S Firmware you can visit us anytime. The Prusa3d Firmware File shared by this page is formally released by company and helps you to update your Prusa3d Printer.

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